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“UAS is “Proven Technology”

- Johan van der Leeuw, Vilans -

 “Besides using innovative technology, we addressed a fundamental problem in our society”

- Smart Homes Award -

“Admittance to an Assisted Living facility was avoided when UAS was implemented at home”

- University of Applied Sciences Utrecht -


“The trust among our caregivers is high. . It also got realised in a very short period based on positive experiences”


 Astrid Poutsma

-District manager, Laurens Delfshaven -

Laurens Delfshaven

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Location Delfshaven is in the transition to become a PG. To do this they were looking for a good Domotics system. After a search they chose the UAS system.

The biggest demands were reliability, the trust of employees and respecting the privacy of the occupants. With the choice of UAS, a reliable system without the use of cameras these demands where fully fulfilled.


“UAS generates little false alerts. When UAS generates an alert you know for sure you have to follow it up”


Employees Coloriet

- Evaluation report UAS, Vilans -

Coloriet Laarhof

Lelystad, The Netherlands

After running a pilot with multiple competing systems, Coloriet choose the UAS system. With this choice Coloriet chooses for a privacy friendly system without the use of cameras in the living quarters of the residents.


 “The services of Dutch Domotics are a huge contribution on the safety and quality of living and care within Futurazorg”


Fons Voormeeren

- director, Foundation Futura Zorg -

Foundation Futura Zorg

Oudewater, The Netherlands

At Futura in the city “Oudewater”, UAS helps to keep the 16 residents free & safe. Futurazorg strives to provide affordable high quality care while not compromising on quality. UAS empowers them to do so.


“The safety functions can be activated or deactivated to provide tailor made safety & care”


Tom Veldt

- director, Van Hollant -

Van Hollant

Heiloo, The Netherlands

“Dutch Domotics delivers nurse-call 2.0. With the use of this system Van Holland can deliver the perfect care for their residents. One of the best features is their focus on designing privacy friendly systems which are safe. This results in more time to provide care.

More projects will follow soon.