Protection round the clock

Your residents enjoy protection 24/7. UAS provides live information about the wellbeing of your residents. Due to high reliability caregivers trust UAS within a week. Caregivers can concentrate on caring for your clients.

Tailor made technology

UAS has been developed in close cooperation with Assisted Living providers, offering a solution that fits within an organization. You can activate and deactivate functions, depending on the need of a resident, resulting in tailor made protection which your residents deserve.

No cameras and optimal privacy

Knowing for certain that your client is well without using cameras? UAS brings relief and prepares you for the challenges of oncoming privacy legislation.


Out of room

Wandering often occurs when residents suffer from dementia. UAS detects if somebody wanders off in the middle of the night and informs the caregivers about this. Due to a smart algorithm, you will receive few false alerts.

Fall detection

Every day, all day long, UAS will protect you. No need to worry about anything. You don’t need to wear any personal alarmbutton, since UAS operates contactless and fully automated. In case of an suspicious inactivity which could be caused by a fall, the incident will automatically be detected and external help will be called in at once.

Bed monitoring

UAS gives an early bed leave alarm when a fall prone resident is about to leave his bed.


Android interface

Use the new generation of nurse call interfaces specially designed for health-care.

Team overview

Know which alarms are picked up by your colleagues and know who is available to assist you with the intuitive smartphone interface.


Activate and deactivate different alarming functionalities for your clients while using the tablet. No need to call for technical assistance as it is designed for caregivers.