Utrecht, 13 March 2014 – Protecting clients using smart sensors for all possible risks. That is the main goal of the partnership between Dutch Domotics and Ascom in smart sensor technology. The privacy friendly sensors (like infrared or radar) are integrated in a wireless infrastructure, to recognize for instance fall- or wander incidents in an early stage to deliver better and more efficient care. Dutch Domotics and TNO developed this technology and Ascom will be the exclusive distributor of the solution.

“Today’s healthcare demands more smart solutions that can offer the client safety and comfort, the care provider             relieves and delivers more efficiency to the care manager’, says Co Hoonhoud, General Manager of Ascom Benelux. ‘Because Ascom is from origin a strong player in personal alarming and nurse calling systems, we were looking for a partner that features the right technology to complete our portfolio. Dutch Domotics is the only supplier that has the right smart sensor technology that is tested for years and is supported by Vilans. This was the decisive argument for the collaboration.”

Dutch Domotics and TNO have worked for years on the development of an innovative care domotics solution that fits the needs of the market while protecting privacy. The solution is based on information, raised from the current living circles of the inhibitors, and translated to a personal profile. Based on these profiles smart sensors are deployed to protect clients for all possible risks. Privacy friendly sensors (like infrared or radar) are integrated in a complete wireless infrastructure. In this way fall and wander incidents are signalled in an early stage and night care can offer better and more efficient care. In a recent pilot in collaboration with Ascom in a Dutch care home, the number of false alarms is reduced from dozens per night towards less than one false alarm per month. ‘’We want to set a new standard in the market”, explains Hoonhoud.

Irek Karkowski, CEO of Dutch Domotics explains: “We are delighted with this partnership. Ascom has a strong name in healthcare and with our knowledge and experience in smart sensor technology, there are great opportunities to bring solutions together for the changing healthcare market.”


Dutch Domotics is a technological spin-off from TNO Defense and Security located in The Hague. Dutch Domotics offers new sensor network technology for the intra en extramural healthcare market where innovation, reliability and connexion to the market needs are centralized. Dutch Domotics is founded in 2011 as subsidiary of Applied Radar Technology BV.
For more information: www.dutchdomotics.com. Dutch Domotics can be be followed via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ascom is part of the Wireless Solutions-divisions of the international Ascom Group, located in Switzerland, and delivers total solutions for fire detections, security, (care)communication and alarm. These solutions provide companies the capability to receive critical information from people and systems, and achieve fast reaction and action. For more information: www.ascom.nl. Ascom can be followed via LinkedIn and Twitter.

For further enquirements please contact Maarten de Boo, maarten.deboo@dutchdomotics.com