Dutch Domotics

Dutch Domotics is situated in the Rotterdam Science Tower. Here we are in touch with the most advanced technical and medical knowledge available. Our mission is to make world-wide health care smarter, better and more efficient, thanks to the versatile application of sensor technology. The Netherlands are a source of innovation, leading in health care ambition and solutions for health care needs. Dutch Domotics cooperates closely with health care institutions, insurers, governments and technology developers. Through local partners our innovations find their way to clients in need of health care world-wide.

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Our Team

Our team comprises 15 passionate and highly skilled professionals. Before joining/founding Dutch Domotics, our CEO, Irek Karkowski (PhD), spent 14 years at TNO, a leading Dutch research organization. While there he managed numerous Dutch and international research and development projects that explored solutions aimed at furthering independent living for seniors.


Our main technology UAS is the result of 12 years of European pilot projects. During this period the system has developed into an accurate and reliable system that fits within a care environment. One of the AAL-project trials was ROSETTA.

ROSETTA was a long term research project focussed on the safety of people with dementia in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The project was very successful – it is considered by the AAL Association as one of the most successful projects within the programme. It also received a lot of attention in the media. The Rosetta Project aimed to develop technology that would help people with dementia or Parkinson’s disease to live independently for longer. 

In 2012 and 2013, Irek led a large European project consortium made up of 10 companies from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium. The Happy Walker project focused on developing mobile services that would stimulate a more active lifestyle among elderly people.




We’re looking for fun and intelligent people to come join our team. Feel free to send us an email