Our Mission


“Admission to an Assisted Living facility is a radical event. Every day our team is committed to making the stay as pleasant and safe as possible. While respecting the residents privacy. We empower caregivers to provide
more care, and relieve the family of worry.”


Protection round the clock

Your residents enjoy protection 24/7. UAS provides live information about the wellbeing of your residents. Due to its high reliability caregivers come
to trust UAS within a week. Caregivers can concentrate on caring for your clients.

Tailor made technology


UAS has been developed in close cooperation with Assisted Living providers, offering a solution that fits within an organization. You can activate and deactive functions, depending on the need of a resident, resulting in taylor made protection which your residents deserve.

No cameras and optimal privacy


Knowing for certain that your client is well without using cameras? UAS brings relief and prepares you for the challenges of oncoming privacy legislation.



Improve your Assisted Living facility with a new generation of sensor technology. Our systems are able to accurately detect fall and wander incidents while respecting the privacy of the residents. Use the new generation of Android interfaces, specially designed for healthcare.


Visit our project page and learn how other organizations have embedded UAS into their care process. UAS has been developed with Dutch care organizations like Zorgpalet Baarn-Soest and has proven its value in the last decade. Our systems have been validated by independent research organisations, such as Vilans, the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, and the University of Amsterdam.


Each organization is unique and has is own demands and infrastructure. We closely collaborate with Ascom which is able to integrate our systems with your current systems.

Contact us to see if we can provide you with more information about the advantages of our product lines.